I went to church all my life, so I heard the scriptures and Bible stories, but it was like receiving thousands of pieces of a jigsaw puzzle without the picture on the front of the box to know how the pieces should fit together.  As a result, I didn’t see how Jesus fit into my life, so I spent most of my adult life trying to make my life fit together without Him.  I was successful from the world’s point of view.  I was healthy, educated, had a good job, got married, bought a house, etc.  But there was something missing, so at the age of 37, I began my personal relationship with Jesus.   

After that, I had a desire to read the Bible, but I was very confused and overwhelmed.  I tried reading some other books that helped explain the Bible, but most of those were longer and more complex than the Bible!  Frustrated and confused, I started summarizing the Bible for myself and during that process, God revealed to me that the Bible truly is like a jigsaw puzzle…all the pieces connect.

Just as there are pieces in every jigsaw puzzle with unique features that help reveal the heart of the picture on the front of the puzzle box, there are 7 key pieces that reveal the heart of the Bible and the love of God. These 7 key pieces will give you an overview of the entire Bible, so you can read the Bible knowing how the pieces fit together.

In the following pages, I will share the 7 Key Pieces and a summary of how they all connect.  After the summary, I will share more details about each of the 7 Key Pieces showing that The Old Testament hints of Jesus, while the New Testament reveals Jesus. 

I pray this overview encourages you to read the Bible and get to know Jesus better.