Puzzle Piece 7: Victory

The Israelites had temporary victory

Key Bible Reference: Ezra-Esther; Daniel

God used the prophets to warn the Israelites for hundreds of years to turn to God or be turned over to their enemies.  However, they ignored the warnings, and in 586 BC, the Babylonians conquered the Israelites, burned Jerusalem and destroyed Solomon’s temple.  The Israelites were captive for 70 years, but God is merciful and loving, so He protected the faithful such as Daniel and his friends.  When they refused to worship the image of King Nebuchadnezzar, God worked some mighty miracles causing all to acknowledge Him as the true God.  The Babylonians were destroyed, Jerusalem was restored and the Israelites rededicated their lives to God. Unfortunately, many later abandoned their faith and were conquered by the Greeks and later the Romans, so their victory was temporary.

JESUS gives us eternal victory

Key Bible Reference: Matthew 24:3-44; Revelation 1-22

The prophecy in the book of Revelation warns us to turn to Jesus or suffer eternally.  In the last days, those who are not committed to following Jesus, the Christ, will be deceived into following the anti-Christ who speaks against God.  He will kill all who do not worship His image, but God will protect the faithful just as He did Daniel and his friends.  There will be a new Heaven, a new earth and a New Jerusalem with Tree of Life in the middle of the garden.  This Kingdom will never end and Christians will live in eternal victory with God and Jesus forever and ever.

Connecting the Old & New Testament

Old TestamentLIFENew Testament
Jerusalem RestoredWHATParadise Restored
~600-500 BCWHENAfter AD 2020
Faithfulness to GodHOWFaith in Jesus
Love via Protected LifeWHYLove via Eternal Life

1 John 5 (NLT)
4 For every child of God
defeats this evil world,
and we achieve this victory
 through our faith.
5 And who can win this battle
against the world?
Only those who believe that
Jesus is the Son of God.

Believe that Jesus is the Son of God and have eternal VICTORY over the evil of this world.