The Bible has ~30,000 pieces called verses or scriptures.

The Old Testament is symbolic of the better covenant in the New Testament made possible through Jesus.  In summary:

Puzzle Piece 1: LIFE

  • Adam gave us a physical life of mortality.
  • JESUS gives us a spiritual life of immortality.

Puzzle Piece 2: CLEANSED

  • Noah’s flood cleansed the earth of evil.
  • JESUS’ baptism cleanses our hearts of evil.

Puzzle Piece 3: NATION

  • Abraham birthed a nation of Israelites.
  • JESUS birthed a nation of Christians.

Puzzle Piece 4: FREEDOM

  • Moses led the Israelites to freedom from slavery.
  • JESUS leads Christians to freedom from sin.

Puzzle Piece 5: COVENANT

  • Moses gave the Israelites a covenant of law.
  • JESUS gives Christians a covenant of love.

Puzzle Piece 6: LEADERS

  • Judges & Kings were leaders of an earthly kingdom.
  • JESUS’ disciples are leaders of a Heavenly Kingdom.

Puzzle Piece 7: VICTORY

  • The Israelites had temporary victory.
  • JESUS gives Christians eternal victory.